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    Damn girl! Way. To. GO!! I’m so happy that you did it the healthy way and have the right mindset. You look beautiful and I know you’ll reach whatever goal you set your mind to. So glad I met you recently and I’m really looking forward to cheering you on as well. ::hug:: Thank you for being my cheerleader!

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    I don’t see how that would work on this particular picture, but shouldn’t be particularly hard to do. Only trouble that might arise would be on the transition from sketch to “real”, since it wouldn’t be as sudden as it was on this picture here (which means there wouldn’t be a clear, pixel-perfect line to apply the effects on).

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    PS: diverse Kirchen (katholisch/evangelisch) sind Sekten (wie man oft im Fernsehen sieht) , Man zahlt feste Beiträge, es bestehen Regeln etc. oder bei “scientology”: REGELN, REGELN, REGELN!Die Kryonschule hingegen ist FREIWILLIG, es muss NIEMAND tun, was man SELBER nicht will. Man ist nicht verpflichtet auf die Festivals zu gehen. Man MUSS NICHTS! Mann kann, wenn man es von Herzen will. Darum ist es keine Sekte, da man zu nichts verpflichtet ist oder gar gezwungen wird.

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    So einen Baum habe ich auch vor meinem Fenster.. :)Die Bildbearbeitung ist schön geworden!Zu starke Bearbeitung mag ich auch nicht sehr gern, aber ich habe gemerkt, dass es fürs bloggen manchmal unverzichtbar ist.Ich mag es aber eigentlich eher wenig oder unbearbeitet.. Liebe Grüße

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    Brilliant….. I love only fools and horses, it would be great if they made some more, everbody loves only fools and horses. Del and Raquel wedding would be the iceing on the cake, it would be like william and kate all over……lol please get a writer in and produce this episode please please please. see u at the Only Fools and Horses convention 2012

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    Pidän myös Härkösestä, sekä kirjailijana, kolumnistina että myös näyttelijänä. Ensimmäinen kosketus häneen oli tietenkin Häräntappoase, joka on mainio romaani nuorista ihmisistä. Siitä tuli mieleeni, että vanhin tytär on sen lukenut ja nyt nuorempi alkaa lähestyä sitä ikää, että hänelle voisi sitä tarjota. Myöhemmästä tuotannosta pidän etenkin Juhannusvieraasta.

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    Oh my! Thank you so much Anne Marie and everyone! With all the beautiful projects that were submitted I can't believe you picked mine…wow! And it was so out of my color comfort zone. Thank you again, I am so honored!!!

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    I need to try this – I tried a chicken fajita crock pot recipe once last year and it was blegh – dry chicken, mushy peppers – just not awesome! This looks great though!

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    Анонимный любитель пранка / А я давно гойворил, что одминесрация пранк сру маргинальная и погойловно больна ФГМ. Пора уже об этом на лурочке статью запилить.

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    Minor comment:“But hey, that’s their problem, not ours. We love disruption. It serves our purpose.”There’s also the arrogance of assuming that any disruption will of course leave the consultants on the top shelf. A lot of this makes me think of college sophomores who adore social darwinism up until they realize that it applies to them, too. I wouldn’t call that idealism, though — just plain arrogance. And the ignorance of the sheltered.

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    Someone needs to collect a montage of creationist sh$% eating grins. Anyone else outthere notice that there is a particular slackjawed and jellybounce quality to the typical creationist grin that occurs at that magical moment when he/she finishes presenting an argument against evolution and can’t believe how clever he was.

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    Coda ist nach wie vor mein Favorit. Transmit nutz ich nur für intensive Uploads, wie WordPress-Neuinstallationen. Espresso hab ich ebenfalls mal mit nem MacHeist-Bundle, konnte mich damit aber ebenfalls nicht anfreunden, was wohl hauptsächlich daran liegt, dass ich in Code nichts vermisse.

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    The performance by a leader or anyone in the past couldn’t dictate future returns. Even those not performing well in the past can eventually become “the big man” in the future. Same goes with people in debt, there’s always the possibility of recovering and even make 6 figures.

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    Alicia B,Bessie SmithMaxine SullivanNatalie ColeLena HorneEthel WatersKoko TaylorNina Simoneetc.Billie Holiday is my #1, followed by Maxine Sullivan.The wee ones could dance up a storm to any one of these artists and not even realize that most of 'em are old folks or dead.

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    Ana Paula disse:Gente, que eu saiba eau de toillete não é deo colônia, pois deo colônia tem de 8% a 15% de essência e acima disso é eau de toillete. De 20% em diante é eau de parfum e 30% em diante é parfum (dificilmente é encontrado).

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    Nicolas a gagné, puisqu’on parle (encore et toujours) de lui. C’est pas aussi réussi que « abracadabrantesque », mais chacun fait selon ses moyens… Et ce (supposé) dérapage sémantique met de son côté les 95 % de spectateurs-électeurs qui ne connaissent pas le mot et trouvent cuistres tous ceux qui « la ramène » en rectifiant le Président : il est du côté du peuple, ne le savez-vous pas ?

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    Thanks, Ian…but when I get via Finder to my username, and then the Library folder, and then the SyncServices folder, there is no Local folder there — only a folder called Schemas.Again, sorry for my retardation, and thanks for your help.Kurt

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    Yo Andy….It is better people think you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.Keep denying facts… NBC is a citizen of TWO CITIZEN PARENTS…. not just two parents… Your public education has failed you.

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    Salut !Voilà, on m’a offert un Holga 120 GN récemment, et j’ai utilisé une pellicule 120 de 12 photos, mais j’ai été très déçue du résultat ! En fait je n’avais que très peu d’effets : seulement une photo entourée de noir (vignettage). Sinon, j’avais quelques photos dont la lumière était jolie, mais à mon avis cela était dû au coucher de soleil.Et je me demandais s’il ne fallait pas demander un développement spécial, parce que mes photos étaient qualité numériques ; très nettes, lumière normale…Merci pour l’aide !

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    tracey · Hi Chartreuse – Well done on sorting out your outdoor living areas … mine are still a bit of a mess to be honest, so that’s one thing that’s still on my to-do list. It sounds like you’ve done an amazing job at cleaning things up and getting everything looking it’s very best.How lovely that you have your sister visiting, there’s nothing like the prospect of a house guest to give further motivation to your cleaning! … I hope you have a wonderful time together and that the winter weather treats you both well.

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    Croyez vous sérieusement qu’un auteur Tunisien, donc un membre de l’élite de ce pays du Maghreb, aurait besoin de passer par une traduction en arabe pour lire Salambo? Ce n’est pas très aimable pour les Tunisiens, non?

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    Thanks, Dave. I saw the note on the WP list about 91 coming north – I’m sailing back this way from Vancouver on Friday (in Skagway on the 15th) so just may get some photos of part of the process

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    In Romania,chiar sunt foarte scumpe cartile.Chiar in ANglia ,T.V.A.-ul este zero.Mi-am cumparat doua carti de acolo,adica Fallen in love by Lauren Kate si Rapture by Lauren Kate.M-am uitat pe bon si am vazut ca T.V.A.-ul este zero.OMG OMG!!

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    I think “Skrib-It” sounds pretty cool, makes me think of the phrases kids used to make up at school. The widget’s still new so there’s going to be quite a lot of things that can be put into it. Sooner or later some lucky person is going to find an awesome method or way to use Skrib-it.

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    Look what happened to Bob Woolmer who did not do what Haider did. 2 things surprise me with this whole Pakistan situation1. That players are being suspended, barred from selection without being officially or legally sentenced for any wrong doing. Sorry, videos from undercover media operations is not evidence2. The almost unanimous criticism from Pakistani cricketers, ex-cricketers and administrators of Haider’s actions

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    haha "odd-looking" I hear you! And you re too incredibly funny with your belly button… shiz… and your nails in your pockets! LOL These were def things you would have to share for peeps to know – you crack me up! Although i'm sad we don't share a love for roller coasters!! (it comes up so often you know?)

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    Oba!!! Sou a 1ª a comentar esse look lindo seu….. lindo ca…. como sempre vc arrasa…. Lindissima….. []Camila Coelho Respondeu:May 2nd, 2011 em 1:33 pm, Obrigada, amore! Bjokas []

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    Ah, osea que lo de “libertad ¿para qué?” la única constancia de que realmente dijera eso es lo que cuenta Fernando de los Ríos…osea que lenin no tiene ningún escrito en que pronuncie esa frase, sino que Fernando de los Ríos fue a Salsa Rosa a contar lo que habló.uyyyy saben que un amigo mío conoce a un señor que habló con Fidel sobre sanidad y Fidel respondió: “los hospitales privados”el último parrafo pretende ser irónico (como por ejemplo… un abeto)

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    No cóż, ja dostaÅ‚em tylko bana u pewnej kibolki. Czyli -1 do lansu. Ale wieczorem zagÅ‚Ä™biÄ™ siÄ™ w Jacka Danielsa i może kawaleryjska fantazja poniesie…W każdym razie owocnych staraÅ„ :)

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    I totally agree with you on the commercial vegan cheeses- some of them I love but I have a little something against them too. Hence, I don’t buy them too often. I tend to put them on everything when I have them which is just not the most healthful thing. But this looks so healthy and delicious! Isn’t that cookbook great? It’s so good for ideas and your take on the cheese is fabulous!4f30

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    Diego ha detto… uhmmm ovviamente la prendo come una battuta, mastro ciliegia… ma hai qualcosa contro gli ingegneri? :DMa no!E’ solo che sono anni che ho a che fare con loro. Ma alla fine ho imparato perfino ad apprezzarli.Avari notato il mio avatar, no?mc

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    I was drawing parallels between Corzine and Christie. It’s amusing to me when a politician, of any flavor, does something stupid and has to spend the following several weeks explaining their actions or “hummana hummana-ing” Ralph Kramden style as the public is asked to accept the dubious propriety of such things as “loans,” etc.

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    As an original Jersey Girl born in Jersey City NJ 45 years ago I would love to donate money to help these people. Especially since my 3 girls and almost all my family all still live in the NJ area. Thank you so much for doing this! I now live in Australia but my roots will always be New Jersey!

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    The part where they were gossiping about Neil cracked me up! Poor guy!Actually, he’s a really good brother to his sisters. He’s a cool guy, even if he does remind me of one of my ex-boys. And Val had a few nice moments here too, which was good to see. The country air must be doing her some good.

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    Dan,Thank you for another wonderful column. The Margaret Mead quote you have printed has been on our bulleting board right near the door I use every day.to leave the house. The last time I took time to read it and think about it was when I went to the RTM meeting on January 8th.

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    Ici aussi on en déjà marre des magazins ennoellés trop à l’avance.Dans l’assiette, c’est régime soupe comme chez Mamina, parce qu’on est largement en dessous de zéro dès 5 heures du soir et pour ne pas trop donner raison à Estèbe, j’en souri encore !!!Mais pour le poulet de Gracianne on fait volontiers un triple accroc. Bisous. Kat

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    Incidentism…that's exactly right Daniel. Sadly, even honest and unbiased reporters must speak of crimes and atrocities in diluted language. Dismissively and in shorthand:) Such a reporter will have a "situation" with the police/military/community/politicians etc. for being explicict. No need to explaint the situation in detail or the incident in detail.

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    Good stuff Bob. We in Ireland have the same problem wiht the Poms and their laying claim to all good things Irish. I cheered for the Kiwis against Australia in a semi-final in Lansdowne in a rugby World Cup of yore, and will do the same this weekend. I note both sides have 5 or 6 players wiht irish names, so it looks like being a good day for the ex-convicts either way

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    Kjempefine bilder,og du er en flott innspirasjon ;o)Jeg skal fotografere i bryllupp i morgen,gleder meg stort og mÃ¥ nok fylle veska med lommetørklær for Ã¥ komme igjennom dagen,ja…Men det blir nok en flott dag,for det er meldt 21 grader og det er jo ikke noen selvfølge 1.mai ;o)

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    Julia comentou em 14 de setembro de 2011 às 22:50. Oiii Julia!Qual o nome dessa sombra bem clarinha que você usou no começo? Estou procurando uma nesse tom …Muito obrigada!E o make está lindo!!!!!!!!! Bjss

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    Observer,I was reminded today by Rush Limbaugh just how many people were slaughtered by the GOVERNMENT at Waco. My daughter and I watched “in real time” on TV in horror as that happened. That whole compound went up in flames and many many children and adults were incinerated. Many little babes lost their lives at the hands of our own government. OUR OWN GOVERNMENT!

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    Grazie a te per averci dato la possibilità di organizzare questa presentazione.Diversa sicuramente dalle presentazioni degli scorsi anni ma è giusto e normale così, le cose cambiano, il tempo passa, e la rabbia che c’era prima si è trasformata in una consapevolezza che speriamo di riuscire a trasmettere e far raggiungere anche a tutte le donne che si trovano da poco a dover affrontare questa malattia.Grazie ancora Vero!

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    Jane Horne – Delightful family picture of the five of you. I love all of the pictures with the woodland settings. The black and white picture of the two kiddos is so sweet.The expressions on the faces is very natural. Thank you so much for sharing with me.

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